Want Faster Internet?

How It Works

Wide Open Network has two goals, deliver the fastest internet and build a network.

We want to deliver the fastest, most capable Internet service in Springfield. Using some exciting network technologies and the uncompromising efforts of a few local entrepreneurs, W.O.N. will build a network for the downtown Springfield residence and businesses that will provide the best speed to price capability of anything currently available in the area today.

We can build a network that will help drive down the costs of delivering the service to our customers. Getting W.O.N. service will be very simple.  First, you will need to make sure its available at your building.  If its not, contact the owner of your property and tell them you want W.O.N.!  If it is, then contact us to set up your services.  We will connect to existing cables within the building or run a new one to your dwelling and activate your services.

All services are flat rate.  Require no contracts and no usage limits.  Best of all, it is supported locally.


How Do I Get Wide Open Net?

For Property Owners

Give us a call to discuss how W.O.N. can be delivered to your property.  In most cases, we only need to extend our services to your building then use the existing cabling within the structure to get your tenants connected.  In some cases, there may be the need to run new connections to specific locations.  W.O.N. will do a thorough site survey to evaluate the needs of each property and discuss our plans for delivering the fastest Internet services available to your customers.

For Residence of Downtown Springfield

If you have received some materials from Wide Open Networks or your property management about our services then chances are we are setup and ready to get you connected.  Call us to schedule an install time.  W.O.N. will come to your location and install our connection. With it, you can plug in your existing wifi router, streaming device, media server, smart TV….you get the idea.  You are now operational and using the fastest connection available in the area!


Our HD Streaming Service of 100Mbps is $75/mo for residential.

For Businesses

Similar to residence setup, if you have materials from us informing you of the service availability, then you are just a phone call away from the most capable Internet service available in Springfield.  We will setup an appointment to install our connection router and tie it into your existing network.  Let us know if you work with a special network management company as it will be important to include them in the setup process.


Our business service for 100Mbps is $150/mo.

20Mbps for $75/mo

Sign Me Up!

I like your attitude!

If you are really interested in getting the fastest Internet connection in Springfield and you live in downtown Springfield, then we want to hear from you.  If you own a property in our service area, lets have a coffee at the Mud House or Coffee Ethic and go over our plan for getting W.O.N. installed for your customers.  If you live or work in a dwelling that is lacking the best and fastest service available, then let your management types know you want them to talk to us.  By being a champion for W.O.N and leading us to a new location for our services, we will reward you with discounted services for your efforts.

Spread the word.  Its how we plan to grow.

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About Us


Matthew Thomas

President of ULink LLC a local Wireless ISP, Co-Founder

Matthew Thomas has been immersed in RF technologies for about 10 years now.  WON is a model for Internet service delivery that has been a long term vision of his.  Thanks to emerging RF technologies and some good ol’fashioned hard work, Matthew is executing his goal of providing the fastest service available to the Springfield community.


Cameron Rose

Building and construction extraordinaire, Co-Founder

Cameron is a long time fixture of downtown SGF owning and involved in several projects about the area that keep him really busy.  But when not erecting new structures and revitalizing the area, he is developing the WON network with a goal of being the fastest ISP in the region.

Residential: $75/mo for 100Mbps.

Business: $150/mo for 100Mbps.

 *Additional Business Options Available

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